Finding Suppliers With World Wide Brands

Although there are already a lot of detailed Worldwide Brands reviews around the internet, in this post I'm going to write a summary of the popular directory and then explain how many resellers use it to find low priced and reliable wholesalers and drop shippers.

Worldwide Brands is probably the largest directory in terms of wholesale products on offer – with more than 16 million as of 2018.  That makes it much bigger than Salehoo (2.5 million products) and Doba (2 million) combined – but it's also more expensive too, with membership fees set at $299.

Finding reliable wholesalers and drop shippers is easy though – all of the contacts listed in Worldwide Brands are fully researched and certified, and you can search by keyword for any supplier or product.  There are tools to filter down by country and supplier type – e.g. showing only the drop shippers, or only the wholesalers that supply in light bulk.

The only complex bit is making contact – which you need to do separately for each supplier.  Worldwide Brands, like Salehoo, only provides the contact information for each supplier – you cannot buy through the WWB site.  If you want to trade with any of the suppliers listed in Worldwide Brands, then you'll need to contact them directly and deal with each individually.