Finding a Great Wedding Photographer For Your Big Day

If you're all excited about how you get to get married to a perfect man when your wedding rolls around in a few weeks, you're probably also  looking forward to how great the bridal pictures are going to look capturing your excitement. Well, here are a few tips on how to make the most of your wedding photographer's abilities.

Look at the movies – do you ever see the lead actor or any actor look directly at the camera to speak his lines? Even if it's a point-of-view shot, the actor looks slightly away. So that it doesn't look like there's a camera at all. It's like you're someone hiding out in the room and you're watching all the action. That's exactly the kind of look you want for your bridal pictures. You must almost never look at the camera directly.

Want to know another great way how to get beautiful bridal pictures? You need to practice how to smile a lot without letting your cheeks get tired. Brides often look very serious on their wedding day. It's because they've spent a lot of time and effort putting the whole thing together. And like any able manager, they are serious about making sure that everything goes off as planned. But that's not the look that's going to get any beautiful pictures. You need to practice how you will smile all the time.

And make sure that your husband has a good, natural-looking smile, too.

It makes the job of the wedding photographer really difficult to have a couple to photograph that is really serious or that really keep quiet. What makes his job very easy is to have an animated couple who are totally into each other, who are always talking, hugging, being playful with each other and so on. Make sure that you do that your wedding, and you'll have totally animated bridal pictures.

What you don't want for your wedding pictures are the formal shots. You need to look for a photographer who is able to completely go informal, fun, and even zany. It's very important that you don't end up with a bunch of posed, serious-looking pictures. People who worry about perfection often end up with overly formal pictures. Forget about perfection and go with spur-of-the-moment joy.

If it helps, try downing a few glasses of champagne to raise everyone spirits up. A bit of life's finer pleasures really helps loosen people up and get them to do funny, naughty and crazy things. As if you needed to be told that.