Over the last decade popularity of organic food has increased tremendously. Earlier organic food was available only in a few shops. Nowadays you can find organic stores Brisbane almost everywhere. Although prices have reduced for other foods, but certified organic items are still expensive.

What do you mean by organic?

Organic meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, grains and other non-food products are grown as per strict regulations set by the USDA. They are produced without usage of any kinds of chemicals. They are strictly produced through organic farming methods and without usage of any antibiotics or hormones.

Benefits of organic food

Taste: Organic vegetable and fruits are much more sweet, juicy and flavourful. As they are grown in rich and fertile soil, the produce is fresh and contains higher nutrients. Organic meat is derived from animals that are grazed free and intake fresh water and air. Such meat contains good taste and flavour.

Health benefits: Organic food items are free from any chemical fungicides, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. These are sprayed on non- organic food. Even after washing the produce, harmful chemicals remain on it thus making it unsafe to consume.

Environmental benefits: Organic farming helps to accumulate soil due to crop rotation method followed by farmers. Also they use the manure and compost. It also eradicates the problem of water pollution as no chemicals are used in farming.

Resistance to allergies and disease: Harmful chemicals used in farming can cause cancer and other diseases. Organic food on the other hand reduces the risk of such diseases. It also prevents food allergies which is a common problem nowadays.