Another beautiful spring has arrived, and you are enjoying the foliage that the only Springtime can provide. After viewing the trees around your house, you stop suddenly – there's 1 tree which seems like it's just not going to blossom this year.

Before you move another inch to the telephone, you'll want to check for certain that your tree is dead – and that's likely to take another year before you call the pros in to tear the tree down.

Not certain how to tell if a tree is finally dead, or what miniature symptoms may indicate that it is ready to return to life? Not to worry – we have got the ultimate tips about how to tell if your Southern Idaho tree is dead, or merely taking a bit of a holiday!

1. Is the tree just late at blossoming? Are there any noticeable buds on the branches? If not, go examine the tree more closely, as winter may have just stunted the tree's growth for a season or so. If there's no indication of budding, then proceed to the next step.

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2. Split a small branch in the tree. Does the branch snap off, or does one need to flex it for this to eventually break? Look at the interior of the tree – is it largely dry and cracked, or does it appear to have some moisture? A dead tree's branches will come right off as a result of dryness and rust inside of the tree; so if your tree still puts up a fight, let it be.

3. If you had a bit of trouble breaking off the branch, then rest assured your tree isn't dead – it only needs a whole lot of TLC. Water and fertilize your tree during the spring and summer, and make sure you mulch it until the following winter strikes. Your tree should perk up in the coming year.

If, however, you've watered and fertilized your tree to no avail, then it's time to make that call to an expert landscaper who can tear down your tree. Be sure to take care of your trees later on, as it's more lovely as a Southern Idaho tree in full blossom!