Serviced apartments provide facilities like a traditional hotel with added space, convenience, privacy, and that means it is possible to enjoy living while traveling at a reasonable cost.

Most online booking websites offered unfurnished flats, without an individual category. There are many hotels which are only tagged as "apartments" and provided as another option alongside regular hotel rooms. Apart from this, find serviced apartments in Shanghai via

The issue is, serviced apartments offer a lot more space rather than hotel rooms which provide only limited space for short or long weekends.

The Benefits of serviced apartments in Comparison with traditional hotels in a Nutshell:

  • A serviced apartment is much more of a house, with utilities which empower more freedom and relaxation.

  • A serviced apartment usually includes more square meters as compared to a conventional hotel room.

  • A serviced apartment is much more affordable than the usual hotel room when staying for a longer period of time.

  • A serviced apartment provides a culture of a particular place. It offers insight into what a genuine regional flat could seem, giving an even broader immersion of their culture and worth when compared with hotel rooms, which often all look equally.

In other words, Serviced Apartments give you a move-in educated solution, at which you could enjoy relaxation and advantage so you'll feel at home even though you are traveling.